It is our hope that Tree House Learning Center, Inc., will be your child's home away from home!

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It is our hope that Tree House Learning Center, Inc., will be your child's home away from home!

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We are a clean loving environment focused on learning and your children’s development.

Early Childhood Professionals

Tree House Learning Center accepts children 2 weeks to 12 years. Each classroom is fully enclosed with their own bathrooms for children to use as needed, Each classroom has a security camera which you have access to see throughout the day, Our front door is a secured door which you can only gain entrance with a code.

Tree House Learning Center, Inc., hires employees of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin. Teachers at Tree House Learning Center, Inc., meet or exceed Kansas Licensing Standards for teachers. Our lead teachers hold degrees in early childhood education (or closely related degrees), or have at least one year of experience in an early childhood setting. Staff receive TB tests and keep current certifications in CPR and First Aid, All staff take classes to increase their knowledge in child development, child abuse and neglect with head trauma, prevention and control of infectious diseases, reducing the risk of SIDS and using safe sleep practices, administering medication to children, handling, storing and disposing of hazardous materials and biological contaminants, prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions, building preparedness in child care, emergency preparedness in child care, and transportation of children. Staff is also required to attend at least 16 hours of in-service clock hours per year in early childhood education courses. Staff is highly encouraged to go above and beyond the ten hour requirements.

We are an early childhood preschool and childcare program! We advocate calling all who work with young children and their families “early childhood professionals.” This term reflects a concerted effort to recognize the status of those who work with young children. Although there are still some who regard these individuals as mere babysitters, there is an increasing recognition that these individuals deserve the respect, the rewards, and the responsibilities that accompany professional status.

Administrators are responsible for observing the health and development of children: handling illnesses, implementing accident prevention and emergency procedures, keeping complete and current health records, and informing parents of community resources.

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With the knowledge of education behind them, our teachers can:
  • Apply and demonstrate an understanding of child development, including observation and assessment of individual children.
  • Establish and maintain an environment that ensures children’s safety and their healthy development.
  • Plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Establish supportive relationships with children and implement appropriate guidance and group management.
  • Establish positive and productive relationships with families.
  • Support the uniqueness of each child, recognizing that children are best understood in the context of their family, culture, and society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the early childhood profession and make a commitment to professionalism.
Our Program Goals:
  • To provide a high quality program (low teacher/child ratios; degreed teachers; developmentally appropriate curriculum) for the individual needs of you and your child.
  • To provide an exploratory environment with creatively diverse and developmentally appropriate activities for emotional, cognitive, social, and physical growth.
  • To help children develop a good self-image and a sincere appreciation for others.
  • To provide an atmosphere that is warm, loving and aesthetically pleasing.
  • To provide an atmosphere with strong parent involvement through daily reports, and open-door policy.
  • To provide an appreciation for nature and our world.

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Mandy Kupper

Maize Center Director

Katie Henry

Tyler Center Director